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Wednesday, 30 July 2014

My Intellectual Property Desk Print E-mail

Your Ideas- Our Protection.

Do your need to protect your Business Ideas, Brands, Trademarks and Patents?

Finding a suitable partner for your international business can be time consuming (and expensive).

Qiao Lab - Intellectual Property Desk  is your answer.

Qiao Lab - Intellectual Property Desk provides a comprehensive one-stop desk service to support all your business and intellectual property needs. We draw on one of the widest ranges of available resources and have many years of experience in dealing with Patent, trade mark and business enquiries.

We can guide you through the procedures required to help you protect your products and services using patents, trade marks, registered designs and copyright.

Qiao Lab - Intellectual Property Desk delivers the right solutions, tailored for your sourcing / partnership needs.


For innovators and Enterprises:

- support for patenting and rights protection (in EU and China): legal and procedure assistant ,
- support to search partners and patent exploration on the Chinese and European market,
- search for sources of funding fit for the projects,
- support in the transfer / exploration patent procedures,
- introduce the Innovation Coach (supports to the top management in Innovation selection and development),
- creation WFOE, JV or other company for the exploitation of the patent,
- operational support in all management phases and strategic.

For Chinese Companies:

- list of patents Italians (Europeans) to search a partner for development in the market;  ,
- support in the patent selection,
- support in the negotiation and Start-Up stages of the project and / or patent integration into production cycles ,
- support registration procedure Chinese Patent in European Markets and search partners for patent development.


If you plan to visit any trade fairs in China/Europe, you will now be able to protect your Brands / trademarks / Patent before fair has started.


Activate Intellectual Property Desk it is easy:

1) Fill out the Qiao Lab Intellectual Property Desk Form.

2) Will be contacted by your My China Business Personal Assistant to next steps.


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