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Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Europe Business Center Services Print E-mail

EUROPE Business Center is concrete support and qualified point of reference for European companies wishing to build their own presence on the Abroad markets.

The "EU Business Center" method allows to scale the offering based on the actual EU SMEs needs wishing to enter or develop the abroad markets, on the following topics:

consulting support and market analysis
legal and tax supports
human resources and business organization
suppliers research / purchases distributors and sales to and from the Chinese market (sourcing / procurement)
translation and interpreting
Intellectual and Industrial Property
virtual presence / real directly in China, Europe, Brazil and India
logistical support directly in China, Europe and India
strategic support for the company activities and corporate partnerships
B2B platforms specialized (Food, Fashion / Luxury, Industrial, High Tech ....)
Communication, Marketing, Public Relations
trade fairs, workshops and business forum participation
organization and management B2B events

In details:

  • Consulting for the Company management
  • Executive search
  • Labor consulting
  • Employment contracts
  • Human Resources Management
  • Advice and assistance on labor disputes
  • Tax planning for human resources
  • Clearances and work permits for foreigners
  • Trademark registration, surveys and research about counterfeiting and property violation
  • Registration of patents and industrial designs
  • Patent research and Earlier
  • Administrative and court actions for breach

  • Business Intelligence
  • Feasibility study, business plan, cost analysis for investment in Europe, India and abroad markets
  • Advice and practical on critical aspects of Investment in Europe and India (Procedures, Investments, Banks, Environmental protection, Occupational safety, Regulatory affairs, etc.)
  • Advice and activity to opening representative offices, Joint - Venture (JV) in Europe and India
  • Legal and tax after opening offices in Europe and India
  • Advice on mergers and acquisitions of European / India companies (M & A) and post-M & A
  • Advice and practical activities about opening the Italian companies in the service sector
  • Company surveys about European and India enterprises
  • Fiscal advice, tax and duty
  • External accounting review with legal value
  • Accounting Due Diligence, tax and social security
  • Accounting and tax declaration
  • Negotiation with the tax authority and / or customs of European Countries and India
  • Tax planning and / or custom duty
  • Risk management and debt collection

  • Contracts for the supply of goods and services
  • Distribution contracts
  • Technology transfer
  • Agency agreements
  • Tender processes and calls (public & private)
  • Transferring Patent and Trademark
  • Legalization of documents at the consulates
  • Legalization of document "for China " at the Prefecture and Prosecution
  • Sworn translation in the court (or certified translations)
  • Issuing entry visas to EU (Schengen area), India and China (as a tourist or temporary work or permanent)
  • Disputes with European and India partners
  • Administrative appeals
  • Conciliation
  • Arbitration
  • Ordinary legal action

For supply:

  • Suppliers research
  • Certification and business intelligence on suppliers
  • Analysis and tax planning and Custom duty
  • Inspection and quality control of goods on departure
  • Buying Agency ( import trade negotiations on behalf of Chinese companies)

For distribution:

  • Distributors research
  • Analysis and tax planning and Custom duty
  • Regulatory practices for access to European and India markets
  • Procedure and paperwork about certification and products approval
  • European and India market Analysis: competing business model, pricing, market positioning, customers, market trend
  • Organizing and managing the distribution network
  • Business plan, marketing and communications

  • Creation, translation and localization of websites and portals
  • Domain Registration (Europe, India and China)
  • Positioning and SEO (search engine optimization) of sites on the International search engines
  • Web marketing
  • Mobile applications
  • Social networking
  • E-mail management
  • CD Rom Creation, Digital Catalogues, Brochures in different languages (Chinese, English, Italian, Hindi etc..)
  • Image creation ( Trademarks and logos)

Mission / Events / Exhibitions

  • Organization of conferences and seminars in China, Europe, Brazil and India
  • USA's official representative in China and India
  • Collective Enterprises visiting fairs and exhibitons
  • Travel and thematic missions
  • Organization business meetings (B2B) between Chinese / India and European Enterprises
  • Invitation Letter and delegations receiving visiting from China and India

  • Text translation to and from the following languages: English, Chinese, Italian, French, German, Hindi and Spanish
  • Review and text typing
  • Consecutive and simultaneous interpreting service
  • Voice-Over and dubbing
  • Management correspondence in Chinese, English, Italian, Hindi (business letters)
  • Chinese Naming ( annotated translation of personal name, the name and of products / services in Chinese)