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Thursday, 24 July 2014

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Jul 18

Finance: European network of Chinese banks grows

Posted by Europe Business Center International in Service , network , Europe , Credit , China , Business , Banks

Europe Business Center International

An emerging network of Chinese banks is gradually unfolding across the European continent, with corporate and private clients standing to benefit from the additional services.

While Chinese banks in London, Paris, Frankfurt and other cities in western Europe offer nearly all the services as European banks do, their newly opened branches in Brussels and other cities can only provide limited services.

Apr 24

My Food B2B Keynote Speaker@ SIAL China Retail & Hospitality Forum

Posted by Europe Business Center International in Sial , Food , Exhibition , eProcurement , ePlatforms , Distribution , China

Europe Business Center International
SIAL China - Retail & Hospitality Forum  
My China B2B - My Food B2B will be keynote speaker at SIAL China's inaugural Retail & Hospitality Forum. Confirmed speakers include directors from Shanghai Import Food Enterprise Association, Shanghai Fisheries General Corporation (Group), Goodwell, Unilever China, XTC and many other elites from food, retail & hospitality industry.
  • Shanghai Import Food Enterprise Association
  • Shanghai Fisheries General Corporation (Group)
  • Goodwell
  • Unilever China
  • XTC World Innovation
  • City Super Shanghai Ltd
  • My China B2B - Taste of Italy
  • La Cantina dei Feudi Srl
  • Fabbri(Shanghai) Food Trading Co., Ltd
  • Sumerian Specialty Coffee
  • Shiyao Investment Ltd.
  • Peace Hotel


Sep 09

Trade: EU firms seek equal treatment in China

Posted by Europe Business Center International in Trade , EU , Economy , China

Europe Business Center International

EUROPEAN companies in China are confident of a better future after reporting improved business last year, but they still ask for a level playing field because nearly half of them felt they have been treated "unfairly" in the country, the European Union Chamber of Commerce in China said yesterday.

"As China looks to rebalance its economy, further market opening and the development of the private sector present a formidable opportunity," the chamber said in the European Business in China Position Paper 2011/2012 released yesterday.

Jul 25

Trade: EU extends import duties on Chinese bicycles

Posted by Europe Business Center International in Trade , EU , Duties , Bicycles , anti-dumping

Europe Business Center International

EU trade officials proposed a three-year extension to the duties, less than the five years requested by European producers just days after World Trade Organization rulings raised the prospect of new legal wrangling with China over export practices and EU methods for taxing imports.

"The current expiry review has confirmed the complexity of the bicycle sector... Therefore it is appropriate to limit the current measure to three years," said the document.

European bicycle makers had asked the EU authorities to extend the anti-dumping duties of up to 48.5 percent until 2016, to counteract what the EU has said is illegal export pricing by Chinese producers.

Jul 15

Investments: China, EU to start talks

Posted by Europe Business Center International in Trade , Investments , Europe , EU , China

Europe Business Center International

China and the European Union (EU) will start negotiations on investment agreements as soon as possible, in a bid to enhance bilateral economic relations, top trade officials from both sides said Thursday.

During a joint news briefing in Beijing, Chinese Minister of Commerce Chen Deming and EU Trade Commissioner Karel De Gucht said each welcomed investments from the other.

Jul 04

China-EU relations have potential despite risks

Posted by Europe Business Center International in Trade , Relations , Import , Finance , export , EU , China

Europe Business Center International

JOHN Ross is currently Visiting Professor at Antai College of Economics and Management, Shanghai Jiao Tong University. He was consultant to Fortune Global 500 companies and from 2000 to 2008 London's director (currently equivalent to deputy mayor) for economic and business policy.

The end of Wen Jiabao's visit to Germany, the United Kingdom and Hungary is an appropriate time to make a balance sheet of China's current relations with the European Union. It shows big potentials and some risks.

Jun 29

EU - China: Wen offers helping hand to debt-hit euro nations

Posted by Europe Business Center International in Trade , Investments , Germany , Finance , EU , Debt , China

Europe Business Center International

CHINESE Premier Wen Jiabao offered Europe a "helping hand" with its debt crisis during a visit to Germany yesterday and said his country could buy the sovereign debt of some troubled eurozone nations if needed.

"China has expressed support for Europe at various times. In other words, when Europe is in difficulty we will extend a helping hand from afar," the Chinese premier told a joint news conference with German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

Jun 28

Trade: China signs $4.3b deals with UK

Posted by Europe Business Center International in Wen Jiabao , UK , Trade , Energy , Economy , Deals , China

Europe Business Center International

Wen, Cameron hold talks covering trade, security and human rights

Jun 07

Aviation: EU may exempt Chinese airlines from Emissions Trading Scheme rule

Posted by Europe Business Center International in Gas emissions , EU , ETS , China , Carbon , Aviation , Airlines

Europe Business Center International

THE European Union has told Chinese airlines they can win an exemption from the EU's carbon market if they follow Europe's lead in cutting greenhouse gas emissions from aviation, according to a letter seen by Reuters yesterday.

From January 1 next year, the EU will require all airlines flying to Europe to be included in the Emissions Trading Scheme, a system that forces polluters to buy permits for each ton of carbon dioxide they emit above a certain cap.

But China's aviation authority opposes the measure, saying it will cost Chinese airlines 800 million yuan (US$123 million) in the first year and more than triple that by 2020.

May 25

China Trade: Europe remains key for exporters

Posted by Europe Business Center International in Trade , export , EU , China

Europe Business Center International

Report signals that the trading bloc will continue to be the main market

Apr 21

EU-CHINA: Trade partners seek fairness

Posted by Europe Business Center International in Trade , Procurement , export , European Union Chamber of Commerce , EU , Commerce , China

Europe Business Center International

Eu China Trade

China, EU each speak of barriers in securing foreign contracts

Analysts said on Wednesday that the huge differences in the size of China's government procurement seen in the Chinese and European data simply reflect different definitions, and Chinese bidders on foreign contracts should receive equal treatment.

Mar 23

UK eyes China as key partner for growth

Posted by Europe Business Center International in water waste treatment , transport , railways , power , pharmaceuticals , Partnership , oil , low carbon technology , IT , Investment , Import , hospitals and medical technologies , gas , financial services , export , China , broadband , British Trade , aerospace

Europe Business Center International

British Trade and Investment Minister Lord Stephen Green said on Monday in Beijing that China is Britain's key partner for growth.

Green arrived in Beijing Monday to begin a five-day business tour, which will include visits to Beijing, Chongqing and Hong Kong.

"China has seen spectacular unbroken growth over the last thirty years and is a market that is very important to the UK's economic development,"  Green told a news briefing at the British embassy in Beijing.

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