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Wednesday, 30 July 2014

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Sep 25

TIM Card Cina: Parlare con la Cina a soli 3 cent/€

Posted by China Media LAB in Tim , Telefonia , Offerta , Cina

China Media LAB

Con TIM Card Cina chiami tutti i numeri in Cina a soli 3 cent./€ al min., e tutti i numeri in Italia a 9 cent./€ al min. Inoltre parli gratis con tutti gli amici TIM Card Cina.

Le chiamate verso la Cina ti costano 3 cent./€ al min. Parlare con tutti i numeri in Italia ti costa 9 cent./€ al min. E la convenienza non finisce qui!

Sep 14

Shanghai: Free Wi-Fi surfing for 2 hours

Posted by China Media LAB in World Expo , WLAN , Starbucks , Shanghai , Free Wi-fi , City , China Telecom , China Mobile , Bar , Airport

China Media LAB

WITH a mobile phone account, people in Shanghai can go online for free at airports, cafes and shopping malls for up to two hours every day, the most free Wi-Fi hours nationwide, China Telecom said yesterday.

The country's top fixed-line phone operator said it is providing users of China Mobile or China Unicom free outdoor Wi-Fi services for two hours each day, starting this month.
Besides the national policy, Shanghai users can apply for an additional free Wi-Fi account for two hours every day until the end of this year, but there are a limited number of accounts, according to China Telecom's Shanghai branch.

Sep 05

Cinema: Woo shocked by Venice Festival honor

Posted by China Media LAB in Woo , Venice , Steven Spielberg , Stanley Kubrick , Orson Wells , Marco Muller , Luis Buuel , Italy , Igmar Bergman , Hollywood , Golden Lion , Francis Ford Coppola , Film Festival , Federico Fellini , Cinema , Chao-Bin Su , Akira Kurosawa

China Media LAB

Venice Film Festival artistic director Marco Mueller said that telling Chinese filmmaker John Woo he would be presented with the venerable festival's Golden Lion career honor had all the drama of one of Woo's films.

"At first, he said 'No, no, no, I don't deserve it,"' Mueller recalled. "It took a lot of deep convincing from me and (long-time Woo collaborator) Terence Chang. But I don't feel we are bestowing an honor here. The prize was simply there waiting for him."
Woo joins the ranks of the cinema industry giants who have won the award before him, including Orson Wells, Igmar Bergman, Luis Buuel, Akira Kurosawa, Federico Fellini, Francis Ford Coppola, Steven Spielberg and Stanley Kubrick.
Sep 04

Online ad revenue in China projected to surge from Internet usage

Posted by China Media LAB in Social Network , SNS , Online , Internet , Game , China , Ad

China Media LAB

Revenue from online advertisements is expected to see an explosive growth in China over the next three years as advertisers clamor for more eyeballs as Internet usage peaks, according to a senior executive from

"Our advertisement income exceeded 100 million yuan ($14.62 million) in the third quarter this year," said Donna Li, general manager of Oak Pacific Interactive, which runs, one of the nation's biggest social networking websites.

Declining to give a specific figure, she told China Daily that their growth rate had more than doubled year-on-year due to marketing activities.

Li said users of have surpassed 150 million and are still increasing.

Sep 04

Internet plays integral role in decision-making in China: Study

Posted by China Media LAB in Usa , survey , Search Engine , Internet , EU , Digital Influence Index , Decision Makers , China

China Media LAB

The Digital Influence Index is Fleishman-Hillard's annual global research platform for uncovering how the Internet is not only informing and connecting consumers, but the way in which it's driving decision-making.

This study measures several key aspects of consumers' use of the Internet, from media consumption patterns, to the degree of adoption of various digital behaviors, to involvement with online social networking.

Aug 31

Chinese Peer to Peer TV ready for IPO

Posted by China Media LAB in Yao Xin , Vincent Tao , Super Girl , Peer to Peer Tv , Internet , FIFA , Digital TV , CCTV

China Media LAB's president says he planned an IPO on the day he launched the business

At first glance, dressed in an azure polo shirt and carpenter pants, Yao Xin appears to be no different from many other Chinese college students with their love of football and bashfulness in the presence of girls.