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Monday, 28 July 2014

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Sep 14

Shanghai: Free Wi-Fi surfing for 2 hours

Posted by China Media LAB in World Expo , WLAN , Starbucks , Shanghai , Free Wi-fi , City , China Telecom , China Mobile , Bar , Airport

China Media LAB

WITH a mobile phone account, people in Shanghai can go online for free at airports, cafes and shopping malls for up to two hours every day, the most free Wi-Fi hours nationwide, China Telecom said yesterday.

The country's top fixed-line phone operator said it is providing users of China Mobile or China Unicom free outdoor Wi-Fi services for two hours each day, starting this month.
Besides the national policy, Shanghai users can apply for an additional free Wi-Fi account for two hours every day until the end of this year, but there are a limited number of accounts, according to China Telecom's Shanghai branch.